Plan like an Architect. Plan to learn, pass, master your technology.

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Planning well once will set you on a secure course to success. Avoid unpleasant study surprises.

Know and set: what, where, when, for how long and what you need.

#1 Personal, Course & Exam Assessment

Get Ready to Achieve:

  • Assess your current exam preparedness against the exam objectives
  • Assess what it takes learn and understand the full scope of the technologies well
  • Assess what it takes to properly and fully prepare for taking exam, and to do so in a way to maximise your retention and effectiveness with the technologies
  • Assess the time it will take you to reach your goals given your personal state of readiness today and the scope of your goal
  • Assess Performance Based Question. Be ready for the toughest exam questions
  • Assess Training Options: Systems Master Advantage, full time classroom learning, self study passing. Systems Master Advantage & Exam Prep Masterclass, complete full time classroom training. Systems Master Advantage Self-study.
  • Discover the Exam Readiness Indicator to know when you should delay taking the exam and what you must study and when to take the exam

#2 Exam Success Planning Tool

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

Using your assessments, it is now time to summarise your findings and set out your plan.
Commit to achieving your goal. Determine the level of achievement that is right for you and set out the steppingstone to success with accomplishment dates. Decide whether you will achieve soonest with complete classroom-based training, a mix of classroom and self-study or pure self-study. Those that achieve quickly and well, will start benefiting from their training investment soonest. Create time estimates for both classroom and self-study training options.

#3 EXAM PREP HUB for Success Planning

Access all Assessment, Planning and Monitoring Tools in One Place

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