Don’t Underestimate
CompTIA A+!

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Our industry does not need any more paper certified engineers.

Avoid the frustration and upset of booking a course, that you are not ready for.

The industry propagates the illusion, that you can pass the two A+ exams in 5, or even 3-days of training. Industry expects staff to be out the office for 5-days on technical training, and so training companies develop 5-day courses to meet that expectation. Titles such as CompTIA A+: ‘Certification Training’, ‘Accelerated Training’, ‘Fast Track Course’. These terms are used to inform the clients that the training is for engineers with significant experience. Engineers who have attended complete Core1 and Core 2 training courses, or have self-studied genuine, official, complete training books and have used the tools and systems, included in the exam. If this does not describe you or your staff, you should rethink the 5-day A+ exam preparation course, and look for a more appropriate way to achieve A+.

Business expects technical training to be 5-days. They see A+ as an entry level qualification to ensure technical support staff a capable and up to date with technology. Very few businesses have a realistic understanding of what is included in CompTIA’s A+ Courses.

CompTIA A+ is an essential, comprehensive library of technical knowledge, and delivers a considerable set of technical skills, across a significant range of technologies. Our industry desperately needs competent and capable engineers, far more that in-experienced and ill-informed certified technicians.

You can be certified and expert!

You just need the right resources.

  • You need a Success Plan
  • To master and secure your training time
  • The right training courses for your level of experience
  • Accurate, complete, authorised, and up to date training books
  • Extended access to labs, to master the systems, tools, and services and become an expert technician
  • An exam prep system to become exam ready. Let the systems tell you when you are ready to take the exams
  • Mentoring to challenge you and keep you on track.

Hi, I’m Martin Dyer, a CompTIA A+ Achievement Specialist. I help people achieve the level of success that is right for them.

Technical Success should meet your current career ambition and job requirements. Decide what level of achievement you need from ‘Comprehensive Technical Understanding’, ‘Competent and Capable’, or ‘Certified and Expert’?

If you would like a chat to discuss your training plan, either for yourself or your team, get in touch.