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Performance Based Questions

CompTIA PBQ Questions

Don't let the PBQ questions, scupper your exam chances.

Performance Based Questions, in the CompTIA exams have thwarted many exam takers. Prepare well for the PBQ’s as part of your exam preparation. Follow a system such as the Systems Master Advantage plan which is an easy to follow training process, ensuring you cover the entire exam criteria systematically and efficiently. Importantly to this article, it includes the best PBQ test questions available.

Learn how to master CompTIA PBQ's

Performance Based Questions, are the most challenging element of CompTIA exams. They demand that you have a good knowledge of several related exam objectives, and have multiple response fields. As an individual question they can take far to long to analyse and answer.

You have 90 minutes and up to 90 questions.

“CompTIA’s Pretty Brutal Questions, can take several minutes each”

PBQ’s tend to appear at the start of your exam. Spending several minutes on each PBQ can leave you short of time to complete the other questions, which in turn can trigger exam nerves and time anxiety.

Be prepared to mark a PBQ question for completion at the end of the exam. Answering the other, shorter questions first, ensures you secure all the point possible from the bulk of the exam. Most questions in the exam are rather binary, I mean, you either know the answer, or not. A typical question is a short paragraph or two, and four options to select the correct answer from.

PBQ questions are far more challenging.

What are CompTIA PBQ's?

Know what to expect with CompTIA exam PBQ questions

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Performance Based Question Scenarios

PBQ’s each start with a recreation of a real work scenario, detailing a work environment, and specific problems affecting that company.

Master the CompTIA exam PBQ questions. Performance Based Questions tend to appear at the start of your exam, and are by far the most complex questions you will have. Expect between two and six PBQ style questions in your exam. Everyone will have PBQ questions. An indicator that you might have several PBQ questions, is that as you start the exam, you will see that you have 90 minutes for the test and the number of questions in your test. Less than 90 questions indicate PBQ’s, the lower that number of questions, the more PBQ’s you should expect.

Performance Based Question Instructions

Instruction on how to complete the question, appears once you have closed the scenario window. The scenario window can be opened and closed as needed. Analyse the instruction carefully, while keeping the scenario in mind.

PBQ Question Instructions CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-007
Become familiar with the formats of CompTIA PBQ questions

Performance Based Question Format

Become familiar with the formats of CompTIA PBQ questions. Knowing what to expect in the exam will greatly help secure the pass mark you are working towards. 

Performance Based Question Dropdown Selection Options

Many find it is better to start a CompTIA PBQ question, by looking at the drop down options first. This will focus you attention on the available potential answers and stop you pondering other solutions.

Quickly check if they are all the same. Do they have the same options or are their a range of options.

Many find is better to start a CompTIA PBQ question by looking at the drop down options first, to focus your attention on the available potential answers.

What are PBQ's for?

CompTIA include performance based questions as a key metric to test the range of your knowledge and cognitive troubleshooting ability.

Performance Based questions test you on several fronts:

  • The range and depth of knowledge from certain exam domains.
  • Your ability to correctly asses a situation against a clients infrastructure, business needs and functional requirements.
  • Provide accurate and appropriate solitons to issues presented in the scenario.

CompTIA's PBQ Fact Sheet

Download CompTIA’s PBQ Fact Sheet

Performance Based Question FAQs
Questions and answers that may be useful to
test takers as they answer a performance based question
within the exam.

Be Exam Happy!

My Formula and Recommendations for CompTIA Exam Success

Set your training goal, complete your study plan, only include accurate training tools that are up to date. Now, with all you ducks in a row, ringfence and secure your study time. It is now time to study hard.

The very best PBQ practice questions, are embedded into CompTIA’s very own CertMaster Learn training system. Always up to date and guaranteed by CompTIA to cover 100% of the exam syllabus. CertMaster Learn is a comprehensive learning system for CompTIA training, and I believe should be the heart of any study solution.

“Working with CompTIA’s own courseware, ensures you learn their way of thinking and presenting content.’

Systems Master courses include CertMaster Learn. It is part of Systems Master comprehensive Student Success Kit, which is included in the Systems Master Advantage tutor led courses.

To pass CompTIA Exam master the PBQ questions

Wishing you every success with your exams.

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