30 Days Post Course Mentoring

Keep Your Training Momentum Flowing

Technical achievement starts with an up to date and complete training course, the right tools, a clear destination and a detailed plan. It is accomplished when you have secured more time, applied grit, determination focus and effort.

Our mentoring service supports your continued efforts. It will help keep your training momentum and provide timely answers, which will allow you to keep progressing at a good pace. Independent assessments and advice will focus your efforts for best return.

30 days mentoring is included free with every Systems Master Advantage and Exam Prep Masterclass course.

Mentoring is part of our complete certification and achievement solution, from assessment and planning to learning and passing


Your Training Flow

On your course, your trainer will set the pace, answer questions and deliver the syllabus. Traditionally, achieving certification or any level of excellence is left up to you. You are left to find viable exam prep tools and research your own questions, which takes time and could be and old or incorrect answer. At Systems Master we think you deserve more from your training investment.

Our 30 day, post course mentoring extends you training experience and gives you trainer support and guidance to seriously help you secure your technical goals.

Mentoring Includes

Email up to 7 questions per week over the next 4 weeks and have them answered by your trainer. Responses via email, phone or Zoom for the more complex answers.

Your Mentor will assess your progress after 10 days and provide recommendations, advice and guidance on achieving your predefined goals. Email your trainer with a question and park that issue and press on with you training. Our mentoring is designed to help keep you in a state of learning flow, to maximise your best outcome soonest.

Your second Mentor guidance email is around the 25th day, and specific to exam takers it will focus on exam readiness with the expectation of you taking the exam on the 30th day.

Why 30 Days?

5 days of classroom training and 30 days mentoring with sufficient daily study time per day, should be enough time for everyone to achieve Tech Level 2 and be exam ready. Experienced engineer and fast learners can adjust the default mentoring time scales to meet their own study pace.

30 days to be exam ready is ideal to both achieve technical skills and be exam ready. Cramming fast to take an exam without building sustainable abilities is likely to produce paper certified engineers, who often go on to develop their kills on live systems.

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