CompTIA Training Specialist

32 CompTIA Security+ Labs, to Master 32 Security Defence Abilities

CompTIA Labs

  1. Assisted Lab: Exploring the Lab Environment
  2. Assisted Lab: Scanning and Identifying Network NodesOffCancelled1 hr 20 mins
  3. Assisted Lab: Intercepting and Interpreting Network Traffic with Packet Sniffing Tools
  4. Assisted Lab: Analyzing the Results of a Credentialed Vulnerability Scan
  5. Assisted Lab: Installing, Using, and Blocking a Malware-based Backdoor
  6. APPLIED LAB: Performing Network Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Scanning
  7. Assisted Lab: Managing the Lifecycle of a Certificate
  8. Assisted Lab: Managing Certificates with OpenSSL
  9. Assisted Lab: Auditing Passwords with a Password Cracking Utility
  10. Assisted Lab: Managing Centralized Authentication
  11. Assisted Lab: Managing Access Controls in Windows Server
  12. Assisted Lab: Configuring a System for Auditing Policies
  13. Assisted Lab: Managing Access Controls in Linux
  14. APPLIED LAB: Configuring Identity and Access Management Controls

Turning Technical Theory, into Ability.

15. Assisted Lab: Implementing a Secure Network Design
16. Assisted Lab: Configuring a Firewall
17. Assisted Lab: Configuring an Intrusion Detection System
18. Assisted Lab: Implementing Secure Network Addressing Services
19. Assisted Lab: Implementing a Virtual Private Network
20. Assisted Lab: Implementing a Secure SSH Server
21. Assisted Lab: Implementing Endpoint Protection
22. APPLIED LAB: Securing the Network Infrastructure
23. Assisted Lab: Identifying Application Attack Indicators
24. Assisted Lab: Identifying a Browser Attack
25. Assisted Lab: Implementing PowerShell Security
26. Assisted Lab: Identifying Malicious Code
27. APPLIED LAB: Identifying Application Attacks
28. Assisted Lab: Managing Data Sources for Incident Response
29. Assisted Lab: Configuring Mitigation Controls
30. Assisted Lab: Acquiring Digital Forensics Evidence
31. Assisted Lab: Backing Up and Restoring Data in Windows and Linux
32. APPLIED LAB: Managing Incident Response, Mitigation and Recovery

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