CertMaster Ultimate Self-Study Packs

Plan | Learn | Pass | Master

Achieve Tech Level 4
Certified Engineer

Verify your technical abilities through certification.

Technical abilities you have earnt through hard work and grit. Having followed the plan, studied and mastered the theory and the systems.

Master Your Study Time!
Avoid Distractions!

The kit contains all the tools you need to succeed!

Book and secure time to study.

Protect your study time from distractions.

Check the plan to discover how long each section should take. 

Martin’s Self-Study Success Tip

If time management is not a strength of yours, consider our Systems Master Advantage and Exam Prep Masterclass courses. Securing study time in class protects it from distractions such as work and family. The tutor-led courses include the CertMaster Learn, Labs and Practice systems.

In Class Training Options

Select the training that meets your needs.

CompTIA training with everything you need to succeed.

Systems Master Advantage Courses

CompTIA Official Training Courses
Outstanding Student Success Kit
Includes CertMaster Learn, Labs & Practice

Secure the time to systematically prepare for and take the CompTIA exam.

Exam Prep Masterclass Courses

Boost to Tech Expert Level 3
Exam Focus Time Secured in class.
Prepare for Exam Friday!

12-Day Challenge

Systems Master Advantage Course
Exam Prep Masterclass Course
Achievement Homework!

Achieve Soonest
To Benefit Longer!

The sooner you achieve technical abilities and certification, the faster your career will progress. The industry needs current and effective engineers now! Engineers who are in step with current tech demands.