CompTIA Labs to Master the Network+ tools, systems & networks!

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N10-007 Student Success Kit. Part 03

Turning theory students into expert technicians!

Become competent and experienced in 20 – 30 hours. Become a Network+ tech master over the next 12 months.

Master the CompTIA Network+ Tools, Systems and Networks.

Aquire Detailed Networking Ability

Implement, deploy, support and fix !

Become expert with the tools, systems and networks. Gain hands-on experience and confidence with these essential technologies!

What will You Learn?

Become competent and experienced in 20 – 30 hours!

Exploring the Lab Environment

Configuring Ethernet Networking

Configuring IPv4 Networking

Configuring IPv4 Subnets

Configuring IPv6 Networking

Configuring Address Assignments

Configuring Routing

Using Port Scanning Tools

Configuring DNS Servers

Configuring Application Protocols

Using Event Management and Performance Monitors

Configuring a NAT Firewall

Securing Appliance Administration with RADIUS Authentication

Configuring Secure Access Channels

What will You Master?

Become a Network+ Tech Master with 12 months access!

Why are CompTIA Labs the best for you?

They turn theory students into expert, experienced technicians!

CompTIA Labs

CompTIA Labs hosted by Learn on Demand Systems

Real Systems

Hands on practice and skill development in actual software applications

Access from a Web Browser

Remote lab environment

Exam Objectives

Labs align with CompTIA exam objectives

Real World Scenarios

Scenarios are based on workplace situations and issues

Learn Fast!

Labs have embedded instructions that allow you to master complex tech fast

What are you
waiting for?

Opportunity waits for no man.

The sooner you master technical ability, the sooner more opportunities come within reach.

Technical Ability Boosts your confidence

Practice make perfect!