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CompTIA Network+
New N10-008
Advantage Training System

The CompTIA Network+ training system, that delivers results!

Good training, should deliver measurable returns on you training investment. 

What do you need to achieve, from your Network+ training?

A comprehensive technical understanding
A professional technical understanding
To become competent and capable
Gain experience
Become a certified.
Become a Network+ expert

It’s all achievable with:

This Advantage Course + Our Student Success Kit + Your time, grit and determination

Plan > Learn > Pass > Master

Instructor led, live, interactive, on-line training.
N10-008, Network+ Course, 5 Days
Student Success Kit
Tech type: Essential Tech II – Connect IT

Must Know! CompTIA N10-008, replaces the retiring N10-007 exam.
Technology moves on

Master Your Study Time! Plot your Success!


Your Success Process

A process to ensure you achieve your training goal. A focused, step by step solution, that will take you directly to the level of success, that you have selected. 

What will you achieve from Network+?

Invest your time and effort in training, with measurable ‘Return on Investment’ metrics.

ROI 1. Comprehensive Technical Understanding
ROI 2. Professional Technical Understanding, Competent, Capable and Experienced.
ROI 3. Certified and Expert

Take time to plan your success. Examine and assess the Network+ course content and exam criteria. Set your return on investment goal, schedule and secure your study time, for in-class and, at home.

Your study plan is a personalised process to streamline your efforts, build tech knowhow and ability.

With our Network+ Student Success Kit, you have everything you need to succeed. Our Success Plan, will ensure you take the most direct path to achieve your goal.

The difference now, between being an informed engineer, and an exceptional engineer, is your time, grit and determination.

Explore the 10-day and 30-day options to become competent, capable, experienced, and certified, when creating your Success Plan.

CompTIA Network+ Advantage Course


Get More, Achieve More!

Get ahead with systems networking. Five distraction free days, to cover the depth and breadth of CompTIA’s networking theory. Learn about and use, the systems, and services, that that make up our networks and connect our devices.

By attending the Network+ Advantage Course you will:

Achieve a comprehensive technical understanding
Create your Network+ Success Plan
Collect Your Student Success Kit
Register for continued support and mentoring
Join our Network+ Success Facebook community

Everything you need to succeed.

Free Network+ Success kit with our CompTIA Network+ Courses

A blend of instructor led training, self-study tools, and training support, to help you become exceptional.

No shortcuts, just a SMART training plan, and next generation training tools.

Your CompTIA Network+ Training Highlights

The best Support Engineers need the best tools to master their trade.

Your Network+ Success Kit

Student Success Kit, to Master the Theory, Systems, Devices, and Exam!

ROI 1. On completion of the course, you will should have achieved a comprehensive, technical understanding, of modern networking.

Learn the Theory. Gain the ability to compare, contrast & select the best solution.


A Training System for Experts to Learn Computer Networking

Learn to control the systems that connect computers in our homes, business and across nations.

Learn the theory & master the PBQ’s, with Certmaster Learn!

A system to lift comprehensive technical understanding, to professional understanding required for work.

It will measure your learning and retention. It will build your technical confidence, and hight where you need to improve and focus you time.

Certmaster Learn will also tell you when you are ready to start preparing for the exam.

100% Accurate, Current and Complete. Created by CompTIA to develop the best support engineers.

Boost your knowledge, discover the theory, and work with systems in class.

Master the theory, systems & exam with Your Network+ Success Kit.

Master the network systems & devices

Technical Ability

The experience you gain in the labs, will prepare you to answer the exam questions, that test your experience and ability.

Master the networks, systems & devices, that will set you apart in the workplace. Gain technical experience, ability, and confidence in the safety of the practice labs. What you learn in the labs, will prepare you, to answer the exam questions, that test work experience and ability.

CompTIA’s Certmaster Labs are the very best Network+ labs on the market. The are perfectly aligned to the N10-008 exam.

Being able to access to labs in class, and from home, for 12-months, gives you the opportunity to become exceptional.

Use fully functioning Linux and Microsoft servers, applications and services to establish connectivity across LAN’s and WAN’s.

24 CertMaster Labs to master

24 N10-008 Labs, to build Networking experience and confidence
Assisted Lab 0: Exploring the Lab Environment
Assisted Lab 1: Configure a SOHO Router
Assisted Lab 2: Capture Network Traffic 
Assisted Lab 3: Configure Interface Settings
Assisted Lab 4: Configure IPv4 Static Addressing
Assisted Lab 5: Analyze ARP Traffic
Assisted Lab 6: Use Tools to Test IP Configuration
Assisted Lab 7: Configure IPv6 Static Addressing
Assisted Lab 8: Configure Static Routing
Assisted Lab 9: Configure Dynamic Routing
APPLIED LAB 10A: Troubleshoot IP Networks
APPLIED LAB 10B: Troubleshoot IP Networks
Assisted Lab 11: Use Network Scanners
Assisted Lab 12: Analyze a DHCP Server Configuration
Assisted Lab 13: Analyze a DNS Server Configuration
Assisted Lab 14: Analyze Application Security Configurations
Assisted Lab 15: Configure Secure Access Channels
Assisted Lab 16: Configure Syslog
Assisted Lab 17: Analyze Network Performance
APPLIED LAB 18: Verify Service and Application Configuration
Assisted Lab 19: Configure Remote Access
Assisted Lab 20: Develop Network Documentation
Assisted Lab 21: Backup and Restore Network Device Configuration
Assisted Lab 22: Analyze an On-path Attack
Assisted Lab 23: Configure Port Security
APPLIED LAB 24: Troubleshoot Service and Security Issue.

Know what to expect.

The labs will take between 20 to 30 hours to complete.

To become exam ready, with this practical aspect of the exam, follow the SMART process detailed in your Student Success Kit.

To become technically expert with these technologies, you need to revisit the labs again, and perhaps again. When you instinctively know, what questions to ask, when commissioned to implement or troubleshoot any of these technologies and can then complete the task without any further instructions. that is expert enough.

Be Exam Ready! Be Work Ready!

Labs are designed to help you learn fast and retain well.

Network Ability

ROI 2. Working through CertMaster Learn, you should have achieved a professional, technical understanding of the theory, and mastered the PBQ’s.

Working our training  system with the labs, you should have gained experience and ability, with the network systems and tools. You should now be competent and capable to work on live systems, making the correct choices.

Master the Exam!


Process to Pass the N10-008 Exam

Now is the time to get your head down, pick up the pace and move into exam mode!

Having Learnt the theory, mastered the PBQ’s and the labs, it is now time to master the exam!

You need to quickly reinforce your knowledge and understanding from CertMaster Learn, and the labs. To optimize retention, your plan will tell you what notes to use, and when.

CertMaster Practice will add another layer of technical understanding and perspective. Using this second database of CompTIA questions, the system, will dynamically test your knowledge against the entire N10-008 exam syllabus. It will identify flaws in your knowledge, and systematically eradicate them, by providing instant feedback, with the correct answer, and why, in that specific scenario.

The CertMaster Network+ Practice Test, is your final assessment, to see if you are exam ready. Do not take this early. Every test is only a true indicator of ability once. If you have retained enough information, you will achieve a high score. To be exam read, you need a score of 87.5% or more, higher is better. A practice test score, that is 10% higher than the actual exam, will help compensate for unexpected exam scenarios, exam nerves and brain fog on the day.

Step up to be exceptional! Step up to be exam ready! CertMaster Practice, used after attending the course, completing CertMaster Learn and gaining confidence and experience with the labs, will accelerate you to exam readiness.

Your advanced learning and achievement supported beyond the classroom. Systems Master Mentoring, ensures you can maintain a good study pace to achieve your goals.

ROI 3. Achieving a score of 87.5% with CertMaster Practice and having followed the Systems Master Success Process, through ROI 1, 2, and 3, is a clear indicator that you are exam ready.

Passing the N10-008 exam will join you to the ranks of certified network professionals that the industry is desperate for.

Having worked steadily through the Advantage course, CompTIA CertMaster Learn, Labs and now Practice, you should have achieved or be close to achieving significant expertise with the Network+ technologies. You will not be a ‘Paper Certified’ engineer, you will have the confidence and ability to support the systems.

How It Works?

Systems Master Advantage courses boost your technical understanding in class. Your Student Success Kit, provides the very best tools for you to use and achieve with in your own time.

Start with a simple, linear success plan. Customise and follow your plan for exceptional results. Attend the Official full length and up to date CompTIA course to achieve a solid technical understanding and collect your Student Success Kit. Use your plan to schedule self-study time to achieve your goal. Mentoring support and encouragement are included, before, during and after the course, until you achieve your goal, the course and exam retire, or you unsubscribe.

Step One

Plan for your success!
Assess the course & exam
Download & customise your Success plan.
Book your training

Step Two

Attend the complete & Official CompTIA course, to gain a solid technical understanding, and collect your Student Success Kit to achieve more

Step Three

Master your time to become competent and capable.
Using CertMaster Learn & CertMaster Labs to further develop technical ability.

Step Four

Master more time to become certified and expert.
Use CertMaster Practice to achieve expertise & become exam ready

“Hello, I am Martin Dyer, and my training is designed to support systems engineers achieve their technical training goals. Whether you need to gain a solid technical understanding, become competent and capable, or certified and expert, you need the following. An honest estimate of time to achieve your goal. Certified and expert requires more time and tools to achieve, than competent and capable. You also need accurate and up to date training tools, to ensure your training efforts are not in vain.”
Martin Dyer
Systems Achievement Trainer
Amazing Course!!

I was one of your students on the CompTIA Network+ course. I have taken my exam and passed first time! I just want to say thank you for your support on the course and all the documents you provided. Next up security+!
Jason Larcome
Infrastructure Technician

Systems Master Advantage

To be best Network Engineer, you need the best tools to master your trade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Probably not. Depending on your experience and how well you retain information, are key factors in how soon you will be exam ready. The plan is structured to build knowledge and ability. The CertMaster training systems will each inform you of how well you have developed and the CertMaster Practice final assessment will indicate weather to take the exam or work a little more first.

I can not recommend any short cuts. The art of passing an exam is to discover what it contains and learn enough detail to pass. The challenge to experienced technicians and previously certified engineers, is to discover what has changed. Our industry evolves and updates at a phenomenal rate. It is therefor, your task to discover, what has changed and become superseded and what is new and safe to deploy. On a positive note, you should be able to progress faster due to your experience.

Often in our industry we are thrown in the deep end, and need to upskill very fast. Tell your trainer and mentor, that you are new to the tech and he can help you achieve.

Remember that the smartest technicians, started where you are now. Be sure to get your questions answered.

To be sure, you are not taking on too much at once, their is a logical process to developing the essential skills to launch and support a systems career. 

First take CompTIA A+, Essential Tech I, supporting computer systems. The knowledge, technical ability and understanding will support your next step.

Second study CompTIA Network+, Essential Tech II. Connecting computer systems.

Finally CompTIA Security+, Essential Tech III. The knowledge and ability to protect and defend computer systems. 

Each step builds the foundation for the next.

Please email me at Martin.Dyer@SystemsMaster.co.uk

Happy to help before, during and after your training.

Plan > Learn > Pass > Master!

Todays Networks, Network Devices, Services and systems

Comprehensive Technical Understanding, become Competent, Capable & Experienced, or Certified and Expert.