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CompTIA Security+
SY0-601 Advantage Course

The CompTIA Security+ training system, that delivers results!

Good training, should deliver measurable returns on you training investment. 

What do you need to achieve, from Security+?

A comprehensive technical understanding
A professional technical understanding
To become competent and capable
Gain experience
Become a certified.
It’s all achievable with:

This Advantage Course + Our Student Success Kit + Your time, grit and determination

Plan > Learn > Pass > Master

Instructor led, live, interactive, on-line training.
N10-008, Network+ Course, 5 Days
Student Success Kit
Tech type: Essential Tech II – Connect IT

Master Your Study Time! Plot your Success!


Your Success Process

A process to ensure you achieve your training goal. A focused, step by step solution, that will take you directly to the level of success, that you have selected. 

What will you achieve from Network+?

Invest your time and effort in training, with measurable ‘Return on Investment’ metrics.

ROI 1. Comprehensive Technical Understanding
ROI 2. Professional Technical Understanding, Competent, Capable and Experienced.
ROI 3. Certified and Expert

Take time to plan your success. Examine and assess the Security+ course content and exam criteria. Set your return on investment goal, schedule and secure your study time, for in-class and, at home.

Your study plan is a personalised process to streamline your efforts, build tech knowhow and ability.

With our Security+ Student Success Kit, you have everything you need to succeed. Our Success Plan, will ensure you take the most direct path to achieve your goal.

The difference now, between being an informed engineer, and an exceptional engineer, is your time, grit and determination.

Explore the 10-day and 30-day options to become competent, capable, experienced, and certified, when creating your Success Plan.

Security+ Achievement Oriented Training

Set your goal!

Secure your training, Achievement Kit and start achieving now !

Amazing Course!!

I was one of your students on the CompTIA Network+ course. I have taken my exam and passed first time! I just want to say thank you for your support on the course and all the documents you provided. Next up security+!
Jason Larcome
Infrastructure Technician

Collect your Student Success Kit

The tools you need to plan, learn, pass and master the technology!

Expertise does not come from attending a training course alone. The training systems and resources in your success kit will rapidly develop technical knowledge and hands on experience. Layering the abilities to support your goal.

The Success Kit is included FREE with every Systems Master Advantage and Exam Prep Masterclass Course.

SY0-601 Student Success Kit

An outstanding kit to take away from your course to fully support you in achieving your training goals.

Comprehensive Technical Understanding 

Confident, Competent
& Capable


Expert &

CompTIA SY0-601 Technical Achievement Plan

Student Success Kit. Part 01

The plan is designed to provide you with a robust, efficient learning process. It ensures you comprehensively and systematically cover the technologies and exam criteria well. Follow the plan to develop expertise by mastering the theory, tools, and systems. Certification comes easier for those who have properly prepared.

If you fail to plan,
you are planning to fail.

Master Security+ Theory! Conquer the PBQ's

Student Success Kit. Part 02

Learn the theory comprehensively and completely. Identify areas for improvement and conquer them. Start to become a knowledge expert by completing CertMaster Learn. Become an expert by mastering CertMaster Practice, Kit Part 04.

Your don’t get a student manual on our courses! You get the outstanding CertMaster Learn System!

Learn the theory in class. Master the theory with 12 months access to CertMaster Learn.

CertMaster Learn 12 months access for the SY0-601 Course

Master the Security+ tools, systems & networks!

Student Success Kit. Part 03

Become expert with the tools, systems and networks. Gain hands-on experience and confidence with these essential technologies!

Gain ability to implement, deploy, support and fix !

Networking expertise requires using the tools, systems and networks, to building confidence and familiarity.

Using these tools in class is not enough to become good.

Discover the labs in class. Become confident with the tech to be exam ready in 30 days.  Master the tools, systems and networks over the next 12 months to be exceptional.

CompTIA Security+ Labs, 12 months access to excel with the tech.

Master The CompTIA SY0-601 Exam!

Student Success Kit. Part 04

Step up to be exceptional! Step up to be exam ready! CertMaster Practice used after attending the course, completing CertMaster Learn and gaining confidence and experience with the labs will accelerate your exam readiness.

CertMaster Practice is probably the industries best kept secret for mastering the exam.

A system that both prepares you to pass the exam and takes your technical abilities to the next level.

A tool for fine tuning the best technicians in the industry.

Develop exceptional networking knowledge and skills while preparing for the Network+ exam.

Student Success Kit. Part 05
Student Files

Student Success Kit. Part 05

Worksheets to ensure you have extracted the most important information from the labs and the PBQ’s. Additional flash cards to review the most important course questions at speed.

Join the dots, connect the technologies and progress well.

Student files are there to help and aid your learning.

Must Know !

post course mentoring

Student Success Kit. Part 06

Support until you pass, the exam retires, or you unsubscribe 🙂 

Extended training support beyond your Advantage Course, to support your exam effort and guide you through using the Success Kit.

Trainer support available to help you secure your goals.

A 5-day course is not enough to develop expertise and prepare you for the exam. Because this is the reality we offer extended trainer support.

Maintain exam pace and focus !

30-Day SY0-601 exam Challenge

Committing to take your exam within 30 days of attending the course ensures you optimise the benefits from attending the course and maintain a good study pace to achieve certification.

Statistically the longer you study over, the less likely you are to pass or even take  your exam.

The 30-day Challenge Plan guides you through using all

Supported by the 30-days Post Course Mentoring.

Achieve & Move On!

Achieve Soonest !
Benefit Longer !

Learning the technology, implementing the tools and systems, builds real experience. Certification declarers that you have what it takes to deliver results. Take the plunge and start achieving now!

Informed. Experienced. Confident. Capable. Certified!

Achieve & Move Up!