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Systems Mastery

Automate error recognition to tiger a diagnostic process that presents four primary culprits and to know automatically which is the most likely because you have learnt your environment and excel with the tech.

When your abilities, understanding and experience are developed and you focus with intent your attention, solutions automatically present themselves. This is know as The State of Flow which everyone has probably experienced at times in various aspects of life. We encourage you to develop triggers that will enable this state more often in your careers.

Athletes refer to this state as being ‘in the zone when everything just flows’ and the best have the ability to drop into it as they need it.

Like elite athletes, to start to harness this super power with the technologies we use, we need to approach learning and personal development with a new vigour and ferocity.

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CompTIA Scheduled Courses

We specialise in developing the three essential skills all technicians should master before progressing to more advanced technologies. The essential technologies that are the foundation for great technicians are Computer Systems, Networks and Security.

To meet this need we specialise in CompTIA’s A+ for a comprehensive understanding of computers today. CompTIA’s Network+ for connecting the desktops and servers across the office or around the world and Security+ for countering the ever increasing security threats we face today.

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Smart planning, efficient time management, structured training and practice will skyrocket your achievements in a retentive way that will support you for life

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