CompTIA & Microsoft from Training to Crtification

CompTIA & Microsoft Training That Delivers on Your Tech Goals!

Set you goal: Learn Level 1, 2, 3, Pass, Master.

Training solutions that are student focused and designed to help the student achieve their goal.

Complete certification solutions from assessment and planning to learning and passing.


#23 Piece Success Kit

Before investing in training, know what you need to succeed.


It’s wise to compare training providers. We have created a comparison checklist to help you decide.

Systems Master Delivers:


Mind BLOWN? Certainly a lot of tools. It is part of our ethical training stance, that training should lead to a measurable achievement. For that to happen we need you to assess your subject well, research the benefits and tell us your goal. Trust Us to put together a personalised plan that will meet your current technical ability, availability and time frame. Any classroom elements of your training will be paced as per the official schedule, any self-study elements can be customised to your needs. Do-it-yourself option available. 

Recommendation. Study at a good pace. Frantic learning, too fast will not be retained as well. Sleep is when we process the days data and it starts to move from short term memory to long term memory. Study over too long a period and we will start to forget. A good pace and flow of knowledge is the formula for best retention.

The Best Pace for Achieving Certification, 10 – 30 days of consistent well paced, structure and complete study with focused, personalised repletion will deliver the best exam result.

CompTIA & Microsoft
Complete Training Solutions

Training that starts in the classroom, continues at home and at work and ends when your goals are achieved.

Plan | Learn | Pass Master

Structured Classroom and Home Study to

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