Plan To Be Extraordinary With Your Technology

Assessment and Planning Tools

What Level of Success will you Achieve?

Understanding the technology to support a management position or to boost a support position will typically be achieved on a standard 5-day course, 40 hours.

Developing effective ability with the tech will take longer. An example of this is that on the course you will have access to labs and the support of a trainer to help complete them within the time available. To be expert with the tools and computers be sure to have access to the labs for months after the course. Perhaps another 20 hours will be needed with the labs to start developing memorable skills.

To be exam ready expect to commit another 40 hours after the course. You will also need effective exam prep tools that indicate your exam readiness.

Mastering the tech takes consistent practice and repetition over months and years.

Course Assessment Pack

The Course Assessment Pack provides you with essential information specifically about your course. 

  • Official Course Content
  • Exam Criteria 
  • Where to book your exam
  • Where to purchase exam vouchers
  • Exam booking process 
  • Training options

Personal & Goal Assessment

Your Training Goal assessment will help identify your end goal and what it will take to achieve it. We will stack your motivators against distractions. 


Smart planning, efficient time management, structured training and practice will skyrocket your achievements in a retentive way that will support you for life. 

Better understanding, greater retention, smarter decisions.

Discover more by clicking  ‘1/3 Success Tasks’ below. 

CompTIA Scheduled Courses

We specialise in developing the three essential skills all technicians should master before progressing to more advanced technologies. The essential technologies that are the foundation for great technicians are Computer Systems, Networks and Security.

To meet this need we specialise in CompTIA’s A+ for a comprehensive understanding of computers today. CompTIA’s Network+ for connecting the desktops and servers across the office or around the world and Security+ for countering the ever increasing security threats we face today.

Training Options & Support

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