Learning - Official Course, Student E-Book & Power Points

#4 Official CompTIA Training Course

100% Exam Content Covered*

‘Caveat Emptor’ Latin for let the buyer beware. We only use official course-ware. Unfortunately in the training market place the vast majority of training materials are not fit for purpose. 

Technology moves on at a phenomenal pace, what was true one day and printed as such will be compromised tomorrow and superseded.

Course-ware & Book Check List

Course & revision version
Does it meet the exam criteria
When was it printed – CompTIA updated course and exam content in November 2019

Buy with confidence

*CompTIA Official Course-ware promise

#5 Official CompTIA Student E-book

Your course book must be accurate, up to date, the correct course and version and complete.

CompTIA realised the disparity in course content across training materials and courses and stopped authorising third party books, bought out the best third party companies such as GTS and now release their own course-ware which is fantastic.

Previously we used GTS material as it was the best, we now only offer CompTIA Official material to ensure your training is current and accurate.

Read the right book!

#6 Student power point slides

Access and download the course student PowerPoint slides

All lesson module included

Follow along in class
click back to review earlier points
Review the days lessons quickly
Use in exam prep for rapid revision

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