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Five Levels of Achievement

Recommended Tools and Services to Meet Your Goals


“I recommend CompTIA official courseware. If you are looking for alternative materials, you need to know these few, but essential details about the course and exam you are investing in.

Remember technology moves forward fast. Printed books and videos do not. Studying for an exam, with out of date or old course versions will crippler your efforts and potentially make you a hazard in the work place.”

N10-007 Exam Launched March 2018

CompTIA Stopped Testing and Authorising Third Party  Training Materials in November 2019.
To mitigate the confusion for exam students of multiple course materials, each with their own interpretation of the CompTIA objectives, CompTIA stopped this service and invested in their own products.

CompTIA Updated The Official Course Training Materials in November 2019.
To provide a definitive set of exam training materials and guarantee covering 100% of the exam criteria CompTIA stopped authorising third party training materials and bought out the best providers in the industry such as GTS.

N10-007 Exam Retirement Date

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 (English language version) will retire at the end of June 2022.

It is worth noting this exam had a major technology update in 2019. Books and videos created or published before 2019 are not accurate for the exam.

The new CompTIA Network+ N10-008 is now available. Launched 15th September 2021.

Achievement Process

To reach your wildest goals with ease, follow the four step Achievement Process. Plan, learn, pass and master. 

Assess and plan what level of achievement you need to earn from your training effort. Compare each level of achievement against your current work requirements and career plan. As each level of achievement will cost you more time and effort, be selective about what you set out to achieve. Reviewing the course content will give you a clear understanding of the scale and scope of your subject. Planning to pass the exam and gain certification? Spend some time reading the exam objective, you will start to learn the terminology and see where your efforts need to be focused. Levels of Achievement: 1. Learn and Understand the Technology. 2. Efficient and Capable Technician. 3.Tech Expert. 4. Certified Engineer. 5.Technical Master.

Setting out to learn new technologies takes time and effort. The more you want to achieve, the more time and effort you need to commit. To ensure that your time and effort is not wasted, you must be sure the training course and study tools you invest in, are up to date, complete and accurate. We recommend tools that we know meet these standards. If you choose to purchase others, be sure to check published dates against the CompTIA launch and update dates as well as the course and exam version codes. See Breaking News above.

To prepare for and pass the exam with confidence follow the Achievement Process. Working up to Achievement Level 2, or even better, Level 3, before moving into the exam prep stage, will ensure you have covered the theory in full. You will also have significant hands on experience with the systems, applications and process that the exam will test you on. Now is the time to use the CompTIA CertMaster Practice. This outstanding exam prep tool will test you across the entire exam syllabus, presenting you with real world situations and issues. As you work through the system, it will analyse your strengths and weaknesses. It will provide explanations to help you learn fast and improve and fine your reasoning. Questions you get wrong or indicate low confidence with will be presented again to reinforce your knowledge. Aim for a solid score of 85% or better across all subjects to indicate you are exam ready. Check the tools, links and advice in the Exam Prep Hub for information about booking the exam and what to expect.

To really master any technology takes a consistent effort over months and years. The tools we recommend such as the labs have 12 months access, plenty of time to build mastery over the tech. At this level you will start to explore other resources and follow industry trends and leaders. Continued education elevates the few who are prepared to really excel at their trade. Taking the time to keep informed about the constant state of change in our industry and prepare to meet those challenges will set you apart.

The Achievement Process is cumulative, meaning you should secure the skills and knowledge from level 1 before working at level 2 and so on.


Assessment Tools

Tech Planning Tools to Assess the Course and Exam Criteria’s. Create a Plan to Plot Your Route to Success.

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Assess the time it will take (002)

Achievement Timeline

Understand the Technology | Efficient Technician | Expert Technician | Certified Engineer

To be knowledgeable, capable and certified you need more than a single training course. Commit time to mastering the theory, tools, systems and networks before taking the exam.

1 Week

CompTIA Network+ Course

The Official, full length. 5-day course is guaranteed to be up-to-date and accurate. It is the most efficient way  towards understanding the networking technologies and getting hands on with the tools, systems and networks to start developing ability with the kit.

Introducing the theory and all the labs with the tools, systems and networks that you need to start develop your technical prowess.

1 Week

40 - 50 Hours

Master the theory

To thoroughly master the theory use CertMaster Learn. It is a training system rather than a book or video which are static and can not be updated to keep pace with technology.

CertMaster Learn will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and deliver focused training to bolster your knowledge.

Includes: Lessons, assessments, Videos, Flashcards, Games and a final course assessment.

If you use CertMaster Learn in conjunction with your  training course, you will have completed modules in class, and will have reduced the time required to master the theory.

40 - 50 Hours

20 - 30 Hours

Master the Systems

Technical ability, confidence and experience come from working with the tools, systems and networks over time. It is far better to develop these skills in a safe, complete lab environment, than on live systems where your errors could be disastrous. CompTIA Labs are the gold standard for mastering the systems.

Experience vs certified engineers? What is best? Be both! Through applying the grit and determination required to master the systems and theory, you will be both experienced and certified.

If you use CertMaster Labs on your training course, you will have reduced the time for mastering the systems.

20 - 30 Hours

13 - 16 Hours

Master the Exam

Having competed the first steps, you will have gained an in-depth knowledge, technical experience, confidence and ability, with a vast range of networking technologies.

Now is the time to focus on pure exam prep!

CertMaster Practice is a fast effective way of testing your memory and perfecting your troubleshooting skills, while systematically preparing you for the exam.

13 - 16 Hours



  • Advanced Knowledge
  • Technical Ability
  • Experienced 
  • Confident
  • Capable

An asset to any network tech team.


Enhanced Official Training Courses & Training Systems

Introducing the Gold Standard Training and Tools to Master CompTIA Network+ Technologies and Exam.

Includes CertMaster Learn, Labs and Practice

Complete Your Plan

Success Starts Here!

Dreaming achieves nothing. 

Writing down your plan, committing your time and effort, monitoring progress and staying committed to you goal will, deliver outstanding results.


What will you achieve from your training investment? 

Comprehensive Technical Understanding 

Confident, Competent & Capable 


Expert &

Complete Learning System

Everything you need to achieve your goal from the Systems Master Advantage Course and the Student Success Kit.

Achievement Level 1

Comprehensive Technical Understanding

This is the first real benchmark for technicians who are new to these technologies. To gain a thorough understanding of both the theory and the systems they will need to master. Achievement Level One is also suitable for most IT Managers and Project Managers, who need to keep pace with the industry and have the right technical understanding to manage their systems engineers.

In addition It is also suitable as a steppingstone to support an advanced technology. For example to become a network engineer by passing the CompTIA Network+ exam, you really need to understand the computer systems that you will be connecting. CompTIA A+ provides that essential supporting knowledge to step up to networking. In its turn, Network+ provides the same for Security+ certification.

Achievement Level 1 Tools and Resources


Attend a full length, Tutor Led Official CompTIA Training Course. [40 hours Classroom training] Follow the training using CertMaster Learn

Complete all the labs in class. If you run out of time on a lab, save it and complete it at home. [Allow 10 hours home study]

Complete the CertMaster Learn Process to ensure you have covered 100% of the theory  [Allow 10 hours home study in addition to using it in class] – optional.


Full Length Official CompTIA Course

CompTIA CertMaster Learn

CompTIA CertMaster Labs

Achievement Level 2

Efficient and Capable Technicians

Developing your knowledge and skills to be able to work independently, should be the minimum aspiration of every systems engineer. Achieving Level 2 is the skill level that will arm you with the knowledge and skills to support your exam studies. CompTIA has recommended course prerequisites, suggesting months and sometime years of work experience in the industry sector, to support your exam efforts. Following this process and using the recommended tools, will mitigate the lack of work experience.

Tip. Repeat to remember, remember to repeat.


Complete Achievement Level 1

Complete the CertMaster Learn Process to ensure you have covered 100% of the theory [Allow 10 hours home study in addition to using it in class]  This was optional at Level 1, but is essential for Level 2.

Repeat the labs

Repeat the Flash Cards for rapid learning and retention.

View the CompTIA Videos

Review the end of session questions and answers

Take the Course Assessment, Aim for a score of 85% or better.


CompTIA CertMaster Learn

CompTIA CertMaster Labs

Achievement Level 3

Tech Expert

Faster, more capable, and ready to be a team-lead, through further bolstering and refining your technical abilities. Working with CompTIA CertMaster Practice introduces you to real world issues across the entire exam scope, rapidly developing your troubleshooting skills and preparing you for the exam.


Complete the CertMaster Practice Process

Aim for an overall score of 85% or more – optional

Repeat any labs that you arew not confident with



CompTIA CertMaster Practice


Achievement Level 4

Passing the CompTIA Exam

Having built and developed your knowledge and hands on abilities to Achievement Level 2 or 3, before focusing on  the exam, ensures you are better prepared for studying and passing the exam. You will be so much more than a paper certified engineer.

Recommended Training Course


Time to earn Achievement Level 1, 40 hours of classroom based training



Time to earn Achievement Level 1, 40 hours of classroom based training


Booking Your Exam

Secure your CompTIA Exam Vouchers

The Prometric Testing Experience 

Booking your exam



Achievement Level 5

Mastering the Technology

Having built and developed your knowledge and hands on abilities to Achievement Level 2 or 3, before focusing on  the exam, ensures you are better prepared for studying and passing the exam. You will be so much more than a paper certified engineer.

Recommended Training Course


Time to earn Achievement Level 1, 40 hours of classroom based training



Time to earn Achievement Level 1, 40 hours of classroom based training

Excellence always has a cost!

Your time, grit, determination and experience.



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