CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Study Options

The Security+ SY0-501 exam retires on July 31, 2021, the SY0-601 is new and includes the technology advancements over the past 4 years.


If you have invested in the SY0-501, be sure to pass before the 31st of July this year.

At Systems Master we are no longer selling the SY0-501 Advantage course, and encourage everyone to take the new SY0-601 course and exam.

Training and Tools to Complete Your Training in Time for Your Exam

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Exam Prep Masterclass Course

Pure Exam Focus

Everything you need to pass the exam
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• 5-days of pure exam focus
• Securing the time to achieve certification
• Gain Advanced Security Diagnostic Skills
• Distraction Free!
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Course prerequisites apply
Exam Friday is the goal. The Exam Readiness Indicator is your personal proof of being ready.

Security+ labs including a comprehensive labs with Microsoft Server 2016, versions of Linux and a barrage of security tools from home.

Security+ Self Study Options

Everything you need to succeed and pass
• Set your pace and manage your time
• CompTIA CertMaster Learn, Labs and Practice
• Systems Master Assessment and Planning Kit
• Exam Vouchers
• Exam Readiness Indicator
Manage your own schedule
Select your training tools

Take the 30 day Exam Challenge to focus your study time and avoid forgetting essential data

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