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Knowing what the steps you want to take is useful but knowing how to climb them is far better. We have built The Exam Prep Hub for this very purpose. A free to all data hub that will show you where you are and where you can go within your career, but better yet, how to go about it. Assess where you are now, Plan where you want to go, learn how to make it a reality. The Exam Prep Hub has everything you need to succeed.

The CompTIA Network+ Exam Prep Hub and its tools are free to access. Use the Achievement Kit to focus and elevate your technical abilities.

Levels of Technical Achievement

The Hub is included with Systems Master Advantage and Exam Prep Masterclass Courses, as a key part of the achievement process.
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What will You Achieve !

Pace is essential to achieving a full, rounded set of skills

Every step requires more time and effort, but the best engineers merit the best and most interesting jobs. Also consider that aiming for the top might not be the best use of your time. For example, the course you need now may be a stepping stone to an advanced technology.

Assess your aspirations against the course and exam objectives as well as the estimated time to complete.

Click to enlarge the image and identify the correct level of achievement for you. To achieve the higher levels of technical achievement you need to commit to more time, apply more effort, determination and perseverance. Too fast and you are less likely to remember long term. Taking too long and you will forget key points from the earlier modules.

The Hub has prescribed, detailed plans for each level of achievement, with time estimates and repetition recommendations to help you plan and achieve.

5 Steps to
Technical Mastery !

Tech Level 1. Understand

  • Learn and understand the technology
  • Discover and use the tools of the trade
  • Classroom training quickly introduces the tech for those getting started and those needing to understand the new technology

Tech Level 2. Effective Technician

  • Develop the skills to be effective and capable in the workplace
  • Competent engineers are the bedrock of the industry
  • Classroom Training + Home Study: Repeat labs + Master course questions

Tech Level 3. Expert

  • Become a technology expert with advanced hands on skills
  • Experts have a deeper, firmer grasp of the technology and are the go-to people
  • Classroom Training to Learn + Classroom Training to upskill or Home Study: Repeat labs x 2, Master course questions, Exam Questions x 1

Tech Level 4. Pass Exam

  • Achieve certification, expertise and have advanced hands on skills
  • Certified experts who have learnt and achieved in a robust, honest way enjoy industry recognition
  • Classroom Training to Learn + Classroom Training to upskill or Home Study: Repeat labs x 2, Master course questions, Exam Questions x 2 to reach 85% practice score before taking the exam

Tech Level 5. Master

  • Gaining mastery of the technology starts with becoming an expert and passing the exam.
  • Mastery continues with working beyond the course and exam criteria
  • Adding industry news feeds to their daily routine, writing white papers, and following tech leaders.

Why You Need The Exam Prep Hub

Students very rarely have a clear understanding of what the course includes, how long it will take to achieve their goals or the potential pitfalls that can destroy ambition and hard work.

The Exam Prep Hub is a collection of key information about your exam and the most effective way to study and achieve the correct level of technical ability for you. Options for booking and how to book your exam, along with attaining ethical certification and the skills to back it up and more.


Assess the quality of training materials before buying. Assess exam readiness, course quality, and exam objectives.


Planning is key to success. Plan your time to learn & Pass. Include assessment and monitoring. Book exam date in advance.

Levels of Learning

Will your training support a management role or be the focus of your career. Decide what you need from your training & get it.

Booking the Exam

Tools, tips, links and article to practically securing your exam and understand the process, options and experience.

Passing the Exam

Pass ethically and not as a paper certified engineer. Build the skills and knowledge to support your certification.

Mastering the Tech

Discover what is takes to master specific tech modules, the exam or the entire course content.

CompTIA Network+ Blog

Articles, updates and industry news regarding the course, exam and passing. Stay informed.

Course and Exam News

A collection of essential course and exam news that every student should be aware of. Including exam retirement dates.

What I wish I had known before starting my CompTIA Training

CompTIA Network+ Exam Prep Hub

A comprehensive collection on tools to support engineers excel with their goals and avoid wasting time and effort.

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Use the Exam Prep Hub tools, to discover what it will cost you in time, determination and perseverance to achieve the level of excellence you need to achieve from your training.

Customers reviews

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Great feedback following the two week MCSA 2016 course. The instructor Martin Dyer, was awesome. Our trainer was amazing. Martin was a great instructor. CLICK the image for the full summary
I was one of your students on the CompTIA Network+ course. I have taken my exam and passed first time! I just want to say thank you for your support on the course and all the documents you provided. Next up security+!
Jason Larcome
Infrastructure Technician
Martin helped me to achieve CompTIA, Microsoft and other qualifications. Great guy and an amazing trainer!
Simon Hooke
Implementations Manager

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We have the same 24 hours each day that is enjoyed by the best in our industry. Securing certification and abilities to match theirs comes down to studying the best training materials and using the best tools often enough to become familiar with them. We also need to master our study time. Remember a training course is just an essential part of our journey to success.

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