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What Level of Learning Will You Achieve and When?

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When will you achieve

Invest 5 days in our official course to attain a solid technical understanding across the scope of up-to-date networking solutions and risks. 

To become technically efficient, expert or pass the exam you will need to apply more time, effort and grit.

Systems Master Advantage courses include everything you need to succeed. The official 5-day course to comprehensively achieve a solid technical understanding and a self study kit to achieve more.

Plan, learn, pass, master? The Achievement Tool Kit includes every tool you will need to attain advance technical abilities.

The tools specific for attaining a specific level of technical ability are detailed below.

Learn like a scholar. learn to comprehensibly understand the tech, prepare for certification, master the technology.

Official & Up-to-date Training Kit | Learning Games | Flash Card | Videos | PBQ’s | 30 Days Mentoring | Labs at Home | More

Real and meaningful learning for sustainable growth requires the correct tools and your grit and determination to achieve.

The Formula for Technical Success

Tools to Skyrocket your Technical Abilities

Accurate and up to date tools that deliver phenomenal results. Achieve the level of technical ability you need to secure, through establishing a personal plan and securing the best technical tools. Formula for technical achievement:

#4 Official CompTIA & Microsoft Training Courses

Official CompTIA and Microsoft course-ware and student materials, are the foundation on which we build our Advantage and Exam Prep Masterclass.

Every course we schedule is assessed for exam and course retirement dates, version changes and updates.

Your student manual has to be accurate and up-to-date if you are going to be current in the work place and exam ready. Out of date and poor material will leave your business at risk.

#5 Official CompTIA & Microsoft Student Materials


100% Exam Content Covered. CompTIA Official Course-ware promise

‘Caveat Emptor’ Latin for let the buyer beware. We only use official course-ware, unfortunately in the training market place the vast majority of training materials are not fit for purpose.

Technology moves on at a phenomenal pace, what was true one day and printed as such will be compromised tomorrow and superseded. Course & version revision, updates, service packs all effect the exams and you need to be sure that your essential reference book is fit for purpose.

#6 Power Point Slides


Access and download student PowerPoint slides

All lesson module included

  • Follow along in class
  • Click back to review earlier points
  • Review the days lessons quickly
  • Use in exam prep for rapid revision and better retention

#7 Learning On-the-Go 

Available on CompTIA courses

keep learning while on the move. Five minutes while  waiting in a queue, 25 minutes on the tube. Adding layers of learning and achieving a small win is what makes great engineers.

Marginal Gains have a phenomenal cumulative impact over months and years. Daily learning makes the Tech Experts.

From your mobile device, you can access videos, flashcards and more.

#8 Learning Games

Available on CompTIA courses

CompTIA Games to Boost Technical Troubleshooting Skills and Exam Taking Ability are strongly recommended  but optional.

Extending your understanding and troubleshooting skills through technical games will stretch you mentally and improve your response time to issues.

#9 Flashcards for rapid learning & retention

Learn fast, retain well!

The Flash Cards are a powerful and concise tool for covering content at pace, testing your memory and boosting knowledge.

Attend the course, read the book, use the cards. Layer learning by the process of repletion to expanding your knowledge, be exam ready and a better, faster engineer.

In the same way an athlete understands the value of reps, repetition, grit and determination,  the best techs value reps in learning to be ahead of the game.


#10 Training videos

Clear and memorable videos support the course and help clarify some of the more challenging concepts.

  • Library of reference videos you can trust for accuracy. YouTube is great but who is validating the content and removing old videos as the tech changes.
  • Quick reference
  • Visual explanations
  • A must watch

#11 Lesson Practice Questions


To support and boost your real world troubleshooting skills the practice questions lay the bedrock for moving on to the exam prep phase.

  • Course module practice questions
  • Cement understanding 
  • Discover the Microsoft or CompTIA points of view
  • Discover best  practice according to CompTIA and Microsoft

#12 Learning Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment


Learning Assessments indicating learning achieved and identifies where you need to apply your studies.

  • Clear indicators of knowledge gained
  • Clear indicators of work to do
  • Detailed explanations as to why an answer is correct

#13 16 PBQ’s for Cognitive Development


Pretty Brutal Questions also know as Performance-based Questions 🙂

These are the toughest questions and require you to have understanding in multiple disciplines. Master this style of question before taking the exam to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

#14 Mentoring for 30 days

Question answered! We all have questions that occur to us after the training, simply use 1 of 30 course support tickets to get answers while you carry on studying.

Once a week we will send you a development chart to show progress and study recommendations.

On going trainer time for you after the course, is like having your trainer at your shoulder.

Time in class + 30 days mentoring

Mentoring Request via the Mentoring Portal, replies via email or Zoom meeting.

#15 Labs with LAN, WAN, Internet, Servers, Desktop and More


Cut your teeth on the tech 

  • In class with trainers support & guidance
  • Hands on virtual labs 

Complete the labs twice to support your exam efforts.

Complete the labs a third time without using the help to know you have achieved expert status on that lab.

Tech Matters Rule: Repeat to remember, remember to repeat

#16 180-360 days extra lab access


Repeat to become an expert. Use the labs to test the tech boundaries and become a master.

  • 180 – 360 days access (check your specific course for details)
  • In class with trainers support & guidance
  • From home and office
  • Hands on virtual labs 

Complete the labs twice to support your exam efforts.

CompTIA Courses include 360 lab days in total

Microsoft Courses include 180 lab days in total

#17 Low tech retention system


To be a great engineer and pass the exams you need to retain a vast amount of information. Port numbers, protocols, how to get from A to B on this software or that are just some examples.

Creating your own flash cards with a question on one side and the answer on the other are a great way to cement learning. Cards you can pull out of your pocket while waiting for something is a great way to conquer those personally difficult bits of data.

#18 Learning Final Assessment


This test mirrors the actual exam, in the number of questions and the time to complete it.

The test should be taken shortly after the course and for it to be an honest benchmark for your learning, you should not take the test before completing the course.

With all tests they only act as a real test once. Once taken they become important learning tools to discover what you got wrong and why.

Achieve soon, benefit soonest

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