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Time, Tools and Process to Passing 

Exam Passing Process

Time to Achieve

Tools to Pass

Pass like a winner, and avoid exam disappointment. Know what you need to succeed, have the right tools for the job and schedule your study time. You will need to apply grit and determination, stepping-up-a-gear to take your skills and abilities to the next level in preparation prepare to pass the exam.

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From learning to passing requires more effort and time.
Systems Master simplify the path to success by focusing your effort.
Our ethical training solution ensures you have everything you need to succeed.
With the application of achievement tools from the Exam Prep Hub and the course Success Kit, we create easy to  manage steps to achieve your goal. We aim to make achieving certification easier, through assessment, planning and easy application.

Exam Passing Process

A structured and measurable approach to preparing for your exam. Focused exam prep dramatically boosts information retention, aiding your training journey as well as your day to day effectiveness at work.

Stage 1. Assess and Plan to Pass. Use the free assessment and planning tools from the Exam Prep Hub to assess your current technical abilities against the exam criteria. Here you can assess the time you need to achieve certification, stay up to date with exam retirements and updates from the Hub newsfeeds that will help you avoid disappointment.

Scheduling your actual test at this stage is a phenomenal motivator. Guidance on how to book your exam is also available in the Exam Prep Hub.

Stage 2. Learning and Developing your Skills Efficiently. Attend the Systems Master Advantage course. Systems Master Advantage includes everything you need to pass the exam and develop your technical skills to the level you personally need to attain. From attending the official 5-day course you will have gained a comprehensive technical understanding, leaving you ready to start preparing for the exam.

Stage 3. Advantage Success Kit – Build the Correct Skills in Preparation to Study for the Exam. Using the self study Success Kit from your Advantage course, repeat the labs, tests, flash cards and other tools, until you reach Tech level 2 (Effective Technician). This will overcome any course prerequisites such as needing so many years of experience. Even if you are an experienced technician, it is unlikely you will have worked with the full range of technologies that the exam will test you on.

At stage 3 we need to cement a technical foundation to support your exam efforts before progressing to Stage 4.

Exam Prep. Advantage tools in your Success Kit include practice tests and a final test to identify what you have retained. Stage 4 starts with more robust testing to prepare you for the exam. 

Stage 4. Exam Prep Masterclass or Advantage Success Kit, Self-Study to Boost your Exam Readiness. Now start using the specific exam prep tools from your Success Kit. Systematically take each module practice test as if in the exam. In other words, without using the book, Google, or your notes. For CompTIA exams set a timer, allowing just one minute per question. This will start toning your cognitive response times to those needed in the exam. For Microsoft exams look at the number of questions and exam time to calculate the time per test question. These details can be found in the Exam Prep Hub, Assessment section. Your score will be an honest reflection of your current exam preparedness and a benchmark to work from. 

Immediately review each module test and make detailed notes on the questions you got wrong as well as any you guessed. Our practice tests have outstanding explanations as to why a question was right or wrong.

Take your time here, as this in where you will really start to progress.

Review your notes at least twice in preparation for taking the module test again in a couple of days.

In theory you should achieve a far higher score the second time you take the module test. Assuming your notes are good, and you have reviewed them well. A score of 85%+ indicates that you are exam ready on that module. Most actual exams have a pass score of about 70 to 75%. Work to 85% and give yourself a buffer, allowing you to drop 10% on the day if those exam nerves hit you.

Complete the videos! We also strongly advise using the training games and other practice tools.

Review and master the scenario test questions from the course and the PBQ’s (Performance-based Questions). PBQ questions are tough and specific to CompTIA courses.

Our Exam Prep Masterclass is a 5 day course where the trainer manages the training process and flow. This is a separate course that ring fences your exam prep time and sets aside time on the Friday for taking the actual exam, if your scores are green.

Stage 5. 85% Exam Passing Magic. When you have the module scores all in the green, at 85% or higher, you are now ready to take the 90-minute full exam practice test. Again, you should be looking to achieve 85% or higher.

Please take the mock exams as advised. Constant repetition of them will diminish their learning value, as you start to memorise the practice exam questions and answers. This will possibly give you a false confidence, as the actual exam questions will cover the same content, but the scenarios and language used will be different.

Stage 6. Take the exam. You will find suggestions on how to manage your exam day and what to expect from the test centre or home online invigilating in the Exam Prep Hub.

After ethically training with accurate materials, developing, and honing your knowledge and skills through careful repletion, and using the extended lab access and other tools, you should now be exam ready. Your grit, hard work and determination should have helped you attain the magic 85% score. You should feel confident about taking the exam. Good luck!

Planning, having accurate tools, applying good process and repetition is best practice for exam success.

Secure the Time to Pass

Failing to secure the time needed to pass technical exams, is probably the number 1 reason for certification goals diminishing and exam failures. This is closely followed by not committing to being exam ready in a condensed time frame. Taking months to be exam ready will ensure you start forgetting the small but essential details.

Time to Achieve Certification

Our Advantage and Masterclass Success Kits include 12 months extended access to essential tools to build functional ability and become exam ready. 12 months of Lab access is perhaps the most important for developing technical ability and packed with the answers to exam questions that demonstrate experience. Other practice tools include flashcards, exam prep games, the Exam Readiness Indicator and more. They are all essential to preparing you for the exam, but we strongly advise you take no more than 40 days to be exam ready. Exam success depends heavily on having a mix of long term, and short-term memory working together at peak performance, focusing on your subject objectives for the duration of your exam session. 

The Success Kit also includes 30 days post course mentoring. The primary reason for this extended support is to provide answers and clarification for our exam takers. It also supports those looking to excel with their technical skills and career goals.

Retentive Pace

Studying too fast will run the risk of becoming a paper certified engineer. Study over to long and period and you will forget essential key details, diminishing your chances of exam success.

Good options include:

2 weeks of classroom training
Week 1: Systems Master 5 day Advantage Official Training Course. Learn new tech and develop your skills.

Week 2: Systems Master Exam Prep Masterclass Course. Time and process managed for you with a Friday exam goal.

30 Day Exam Prep Challenge
Week 1: Week 1: Systems Master 5 day Advantage Official Training Course. Learn new tech and develop your skills.

30 Day Exam Prep home study with trainer mentoring to keep things flowing. Schedule your study time and effort to be exam ready within the 30 days following the course.

With either option you need to be ready for self-study, to refine your learning and respond to the recommendations from your trainer as well as the exam prep tools. We all have individual strength. Our weaknesses will be highlighted by the advantage tools allowing us to turn them into strengths.

Master our study time and we can master the exam.

How Long Will it Take to Pass the Exam?

We all start preparing for an exam from very different stand points. Our experiences, previous training, motivations, and daily distractions are as varied as we are individuals.

Assessing the training and certification criteria against your current knowledge, is the first step to determining how long it will take you to achieve certification. To access and download course and exam criteria and the Personal Assessment form visit the Exam Prep Hub

Based on the exam success of thousands of students, from apprentices, to hardwired technicians with data in their blood, we have realistic time frames to achieve certification, while also gaining solid technical abilities. We do not support or recommend pure exam cram study methods, as these are more likely to produce paper certified engineers, without the skills to deliver tech solutions.

Realistic Certification Time Scales

How long to pass CompTIA and Microsoft exams?

Planning and assessing to determine how long it will take you to be exam ready, gives you your first clear understanding of what is involved.

When studying use the monitoring tools, and your trainer to keep on track of your progress. Add extra self-study time when the going gets tough. Get timely clarification from your trainer to ensure your exam preparation keeps progressing.

Tools to Pass

These tools along with others are included in the Systems Master Advantage and Masterclass courses. 

Tools 19 thorough 23 are specific to passing the exam and we suggest you do not start using them until you have attained  Tech Level 2. This will give you the greatest chance of not just passing the exam but developing real world tech skills and abilities.

Employers need experienced and certified staff. Even if you are new to the technology, you can build experience through repetition of the labs and the other tools from your Success Kit.

#19 Exam Prep Hub Exam Tools


  • Exam Takers Q&A’s
  • Exam community
  • Links to all downloads, exam booking & more
  • Exam Rules
  • Exam Readiness Indicator

All exam related resources in one place.

#20 EXAM Knowledge Assessment 


Your technical strengths and more importantly your weaknesses are laid bare. This invaluable tool focuses your attention on what to brush-up on to be exam ready.

Data is fed into your Exam Readiness Indicator that will give you the green light when you are ready to book the exam.

‘The art of passing an exam is to discover what you don’t know.’

#21 Certification Training Tools


A comprehensive bank of exam questions defined section by section, creates individual reports on your progress.

  • Customizable learning plan.
  • Easy self-assessments.
  • Learning progress analytics and reporting.

When you have achieved and can maintain 85% on the practice modules, take the exam Pre-Assessment Test. A 90 minute, 90 question simulation of the real exam.

#22 Exam Readiness Tracker


Simple to follow for fantastic results.

Keenly focused interactive learning solution to save time and confusion.

Combines the results from your learning, labs and cognitive exam prep. Hit the score and move on.

#23 Exam Readiness Indicator


Magic 85%. If on the exam practice tests you can achieve 85% or better on your second attempt, you are exam ready. Most tech exams have a pass mark around 70%. At 85% you can drop 15% and still be successful. Plan for the unexpected with a safe margin of error.

Maximise Your Exam Chances, Leave Nothing to Chance.


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