Assessments & Planning

Know what you want, when you want it, what you need to know, what it takes, the best tools and how long to achieve

#1 Assessments

Personal Assessment

Your training goals
When do you want to achieve them
Your current knowledge
Available time.

Course Assessment (Learning)

What do you need in the course
Recommended course prerequisites
Course duration
Valid training materials
Training options (Classroom or Self-Study)
Hands on skills.

Exam Assessment (Passing)

Exam criteria (what you must know)
Time required to be exam ready
Training options (classroom or self-study)

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#2 Planning

Having assessed your goals and availability, the course content and training options and whether or not you will continue to study and achieve certification, it is now time to plan for success.

The Planning Tool:
Allows you to further compare and select the correct training options for you.
Automatically arranges the use of the various tools in the most effective order, ensuring you cover the syllabus completely
Provides time estimates for both classroom and self-study training options

Systems Master Advantage Course

This training option ‘Gives you everything you need to succeed!’ Starting with a 5-day training boost in the classroom you cover the complete syllabus quickly and efficiently to complete the learning stage. The exam prep stage is self-study using the advantage tool kit. The key benefits of classroom study are:

Questions answered instantly by trainer
Classroom schedule covering syllabus in 5-days

Exam Masterclass Course

This option is for exam achievement and the fastest way to prepare for the exam in a sustainable, ethical and memorable way. It eliminates the risks associated with self-study and in 5-days will systematically boost your cognitive skills, in preparation for the exam on the Friday.

Systems Master Advantage Self-Study

Everything you need to succeed in a self-study format. The Planning Tool is particularly useful to help you to manage your time and study sessions. You can add a 30 day Trainer Mentoring Bundle to this training, allowing you to email questions.

The Planning Tool, Assessment tools and all training options can be assessed in the Exam Prep Hub.

#3 exam prep hub

Everything you need to know about your course.

This amazing, free community brings together:

Course News for your course
Training discounts
The Assessment Tools
The Course Planning Tool
Course details
Exam Criteria
Training Options
Advantage Courses
Exam Masterclass Courses
Self-Study Packs
Individual course and exam tools
Links to your study tools, Exam booking website and more
Exam Rules
Exam Readiness Indicator
Trainer Mentoring
Exam community
Course and exam Q&A

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