CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Advantage Course 07/06/2021

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Monday 7th June 2021

Everything you need to master Security+ technologies

Complete CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Advantage Course for Exam SY0-601
Live online classroom training
5-day course
Exam Success Kit Take-a-way including labs and exam prep tools


Everything you need to master Security+

CompTIA Security+
Course SY0-601
Exam SY0-601

Set your training goal and start achieving.

Live online classroom training
5-day course
Course included the complete theory and all the skills building labs.

Our courses go beyond the typical.
Our focus is to help developing the best technicians to battle to-days networking challenges.

Highlights including:

  • Systems Master Planning to assess the course and exam content.
  • Personal Advantage Plan to meet your personal situation and help ensure you achieve your goal
  • 5-day Official and complete tutor-led training courses to boost your tech skills
  • Takeaway Achievement Kit:
  • CompTIA CertMaster Learn 12 months access key.
  • CompTIA CertMaster Labs 12 months access key.
  • CompTIA CertMaster Practice, 12 months access key.
  • Systems Master 30 days mentoring after classroom training.

Systems Master Advantage provides more in a simple to follow process to develop world leading technicians:

#1 Course and Exam Assessment
#2 Your Success Plan
#3 Exam Prep Hub
#4 CompTIA Official 5-Day Course
#5 CompTIA Student E-Book
#6 Student Power Points
#7 Learning On-the-Go
#8 Learning Games x 5
#9 Flashcards for rapid learning and retention
#10 Training videos
#11 Lesson Practice Questions
#12 Strengths/Weaknesses Assessment
#13 PBQ’s x 16
#14 Trainer Time for you, 30 days mentoring
#15 CompTIA Labs with LAN, WAN & Internet
#16 12 months lab access to master the technology
#17 Low tech retention system
#18 Learning Final Assessment
#19 Exam Prep Hub
#20 Knowledge Assessment
#21 Certification Training Tool
#22 Exam Readiness Tracker
#23 Exam Readiness Indicator

Our core business is your achievement.

Additional information


This training event will be a Zoom meeting via the internet. To engage fully with the class please have and check the following before the course.

Single Monitor
Audio Speaker and Microphone
Web Cam
Download, install and test Zoom Basic, Audio, Mic and Video:

Second Monitor. One to engage with the class, the other to work on your labs.

Video is optional, but enhances your learning experience. You can be turn it on and off during the meeting, Your trainer has an extra monitor to clearly see every delegate, as in a physical class he can see you raise your hand, give a thumbs up and see your expressions and be able to respond to your facial prompts.


Security+ Labs

Managing and configuring a vast range of security devices and services such as vulnerability scanners, auditing systems, firewalls and forensic tools.

Build you skills and expertise to new heights with 12 months full lab access

CompTIA Security+ Labs
Exploring the Lab Environment
Scanning and Identifying Network Nodes
Intercepting and Interpreting Network Traffic with Packet Sniffing Tools
Analyzing the Results of a Credentialed Vulnerability Scan
Installing, Using, and Blocking a Malware-based Backdoor
Performing Network Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Scanning
Managing the Lifecycle of a Certificate
Managing Certificates with OpenSSL
Auditing Passwords with a Password Cracking Utility
Managing Centralized Authentication
Managing Access Controls in Windows Server
Configuring a System for Auditing Policies
Managing Access Controls in Linux
Configuring Identity and Access Management Controls
Implementing a Secure Network Design
Configuring a Firewall
Configuring an Intrusion Detection System
Implementing Secure Network Addressing Services
Implementing a Virtual Private Network
Implementing a Secure SSH Server
Implementing Endpoint Protection
Securing the Network Infrastructure
Identifying Application Attack Indicators
Identifying a Browser Attack
Implementing PowerShell Security
Identifying Malicious Code
Identifying Application Attacks
Managing Data Sources for Incident Response
Configuring Mitigation Controls
Acquiring Digital Forensics Evidence
Backing Up and Restoring Data in Windows and Linux
Managing Incident Response, Mitigation and Recovery


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Event Details

Training occurs over 5 days and will quickly and thoroughly boost your knowledge and lay secure foundations for you to step up to master the technology and prepare for the exam if that is your goal.

You will have everything you need in your student pack to develop expertise, master the tech and become exam ready.

day 1: 7 June 2021

day 2: 8 June 2021

day 3: 9 June 2021

day 4: 10 June 2021

day 5: 11 June 2021

Start time: 08:45 GMT

End time: 17:00 GMT

Venue: Online Training via Zoom

Directions: Joining instructions will be sent to your email.

Phone: 01622231018

Email: info@systemsmaster.co.uk