Tech Success Rule 1. Repeat to Remember, Remember to Repeat.

Learn Well - Retain More

Repeat to Remember, Remember to Repeat

Pen, paper and small cards are our low tech solution that has a colossal impact on long term memory, when combined with the automatic process of ‘repeat to remember, remember to repeat’

The art of passing and exam is to discover what you don’t know. To discover the scope of what you need to know you need to Assess.

Technical training courses are simply packed with a vast amount of data, facts and figures. The data is delivered at a fast pace and although in the moment it should make seance to be an asset to you in need to be retained. 


The Process of Moving new information to Long term Memory

We specialise in developing the three essential skills all technicians should master before progressing to more advanced technologies. The essential technologies that are the foundation for great technicians are Computer Systems, Networks and Security.

To meet this need we specialise in CompTIA’s A+ for a comprehensive understanding of computers today. CompTIA’s Network+ for connecting the desktops and servers across the office or around the world and Security+ for countering the ever increasing security threats we face today.

The Science

Smart planning, efficient time management, structured training and practice will skyrocket your achievements in a retentive way that will support you for life

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