The Curse of Poor and Out of Date Training Materials

To Study with Confidence, Secure Current Training Materials

Regrettably, our industry has far more old and irrelevant training material in circulation than it has current and viable versions. Exam takers are on a path to disappointment if they use old videos and books to prepare for the current exams. CompTIA and Microsoft are regularly updating their official courseware, training material, tools, and exam content to keep pace with our fast-developing industry. Service packs and security concerns constantly drive change.

Systems Master Advantage tools 4 – 5 are part of the Student Success Kit.

#4 Official CompTIA & Microsoft Training Courses

CompTIA and Microsoft’s Official courseware and student materials are the foundation on which we build our Advantage and Exam Prep Masterclass.

Every course we schedule is assessed for exam and course retirement dates, version changes and updates.

Your student manual has to accurate and up to date if you’re going to be current in the workplace and exam ready. Out of date and poor material will leave your business at risk.

#5 Official CompTIA & Microsoft Student Materials

100% Exam Content Covered. CompTIA Official Courseware promise.

‘Caveat Emptor’ Latin for let the buyer beware. We only use the official, updated courseware. unfortunately, in the training market place many training materials are not fit for purpose. Recycling old material to save costs or because they don’t keep up with the relevant updates diminish the chances of exam success.

Technology moves on at a phenomenal pace, what was true one day and printed as such will be compromised tomorrow and superseded. Course & version revision, updates and service packs all effect the exams, and you need to be sure that your essential reference book is fit for purpose.

Free Course Assessment Kit, news article regarding course and exam updates and retirements as well as a host of other essential exam prep tools can be found at The Exam Prep Hub.

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